Delivery Lead-time

Normally, around 1-4 weeks delivery is needed for machines, accessories and spare parts, except non-standard item. It depends on production schedules and situation for the production.

Minimum Order Quantity

Customer can place an order of a single unit also.


All deliveries and services from and by BROTHERS MACHINERY shall be governed exclusively by following terms & conditions and no deviation from these conditions, except those expressly accepted in writing, shall be binding on BROTHERS MACHINERY. It is clearly understood that, by placing an order with us, the customer is deemed: (a) To have accepted our conditions. (b) To have waved of these conditions of purchase, if any, conflicting with that of ours.


Company provides Warranty of 1 year from the Date of Dispatch to the Customer. Besides we offer no warranty against the damages, which have arisen due to unsuitable or unprofessional storage and working environment, faulty installation by the customer or third party, unauthorized attempt to rectify or modify, natural wear and tear, electrical effects etc. upon which we have no influence. If any pending payments or the required documents are not submitted within our given time than the warranty will be nullified.

Technology Support

For any technical problem, we will discuss with customers to investigate their problem and finding solution. We can quote price separately for technical support, spare parts and service.

Machine Repairing

We can provide on-site service for machine repairing and/or checking by quoting man-day charging unit. Normally, transportation and accommodation are not included on quotation.


All machines must be placed indoor, and cannot be under high temperature working environment. Air-conditioned set up would be favoured.